Purjeet paloivat - mistä uudet?

Tiistai 24.4.2012 klo 11:46

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Dear Sailor Sport Partners,

One our sailor friend’s  small cottage has totally  burned down due to burglers this winter and all his sails were in the house as well.  

He has an old folkeboot,  which is very important for him.  Sailing on this boat is the bride side of his life.  The sailing boat (named Northern Light) is already on the water, but now he can not use it as he has no money to buy new ones.


24.4.2012 12:33  Roni Saksi FIN-300 "Blondi"

Hi, Tibor!
So sad to hear. We are going to dive into our winterstorages in a week or two. We are sure that we will find something for you. How about the delivery of the sails?

24.4.2012 13:17  Tibor

Thanks for your fast answer. If you find something, you can send it by parcel, and of course i can pay it! it is good for you?

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